I nostri prodotti sono tutti fatti a mano e realizzati dopo ordine da parte del cliente. Questo significa che non abbiamo un magazzino di prodotti pronti da consegnare.

Chi vuole acquistare un prodotto come quelli presentati nel sito o un prodotto totalmente personalizzato, ci deve contattare via mail o telefonicamente.

Potremo così preparare quello che desiderate con tempi variabili da 10 a 30 gg lavorativi a partire dalla vostra approvazione del nostro progetto.

Ricordate che  noi possiamo studiare insieme a voi l'idea e che a realizzarla ci pensiamo noi. 




Our products are all handmade and made ​​after order by the customer.
That means that we have no inventory of products ready to be delivered.

Who want to buy a product such as those presented in the site or a totally customized, must contact us by e-mail  or by phone.So we can prepare what you want with times varying from 10 to thirty working days (starting from the moment you confirm your order)
Remember that we can study with you the idea and we can to realize it 




Nos produits sont tous faits à la main et réalisés après la commande par le client. Cela signifie que nous n'avons pas de stock de produits prêts à être livrés.
Celui qui desire acheter un produit tel que ceux présentés dans le site ou un totalement customisé, doit nous contacter par e-mail ou par téléphone, si que nous pouvons préparer ce que vous desirez avec des temps variant de 10 à 30 jours ouvrables a partir du moment de votre approvation du project.

N'oubliez pas que nous pouvons étudier avec vous l'idée et apres nou pouvons la réaliser.









Of all the cheats  trompe-l’oeil (which literally means “it cheats the eye”) is one of the most innocent. And of the most pleasurable. For certain it is such for us, that from the beginning became very fond of this painting technique, which requires precise realism in drawing and a careful management of perspective and of shadows. The purpose – as is well known – is that of realizing on any surface a picture, usually a very large one that can cheat our eyes, which will be brought to believe that some things exist that are not, but that are simply drawn.

Over the years our works – half way between art and decoration – have served all sorts of

purposes. Make false windows, that open on faraway places, decorate walls and shutters, take the sea into town and bring back sights that exist no longer. Imagination has no limit when it comes to weaving (pleasurable) cheats. Those shown in the galleries are some of the finished works, done over the years and that can be as many stimulating starting points for thinking up new fictions.

Behind the screen

An artful untidiness, as of a vaguely bohemian boudoir, is portrayed on this screen (also made in our workshop). Garments draped – and a winking bra – give us the idea that Irma la Douce is forever behind the screen in her green stockings…

A way of showing how the technique of trompe-l’oeil is fit for decorating not only walls, but also furniture, wardobe doors, room-doors and what else.

A window looking out on time

How can you bring a lady back to her past? How to give her back the prospect of the street on which she grew up and take her back to her childhood when she looked out upon a street – via Melchiorre Gioia – that is today a busy thoroughfare and that once upon a time was a lane flanked by the Naviglio canal where, next to the first few cars, horse-drawn carts would still circulate?

Simple: by a trompe-l’oeil. To make up this image we based ourselves on an old photograph of the city of Milan-that-is-no-more. And suddenly memory has come back to life: it almost sounds as if we could hear the wheels of the cart moving away. And on the window-sill there are two objects 

requested by our commissioning patroness: two details that bind her back to specific memories that she wanted to see once again just there on that sill open on to the past.

Double deceit in 3 D


The ability of reproducing painted elements with realism and according to perspective  is at the bottom the art of trompe-l’oeil. But in this case we overdid it: because the child on the steps (and the shade that falls on the wall) are not painted on the same plane on which the window is painted, as well as the cranes  on the background of a blue sky. 

The child is painted on a second plane of wood and his shadow on a third white panel. Superimposed together the three panels (window+child+shadow) give a perfect composition.

And when the child will grow up, if it is requested,  his painted image will also be able to grow, by changing the set-up.

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