I nostri prodotti sono tutti fatti a mano e realizzati dopo ordine da parte del cliente. Questo significa che non abbiamo un magazzino di prodotti pronti da consegnare.

Chi vuole acquistare un prodotto come quelli presentati nel sito o un prodotto totalmente personalizzato, ci deve contattare via mail o telefonicamente.

Potremo così preparare quello che desiderate con tempi variabili da 10 a 30 gg lavorativi a partire dalla vostra approvazione del nostro progetto.

Ricordate che  noi possiamo studiare insieme a voi l'idea e che a realizzarla ci pensiamo noi. 




Our products are all handmade and made ​​after order by the customer.
That means that we have no inventory of products ready to be delivered.

Who want to buy a product such as those presented in the site or a totally customized, must contact us by e-mail  or by phone.So we can prepare what you want with times varying from 10 to thirty working days (starting from the moment you confirm your order)
Remember that we can study with you the idea and we can to realize it 




Nos produits sont tous faits à la main et réalisés après la commande par le client. Cela signifie que nous n'avons pas de stock de produits prêts à être livrés.
Celui qui desire acheter un produit tel que ceux présentés dans le site ou un totalement customisé, doit nous contacter par e-mail ou par téléphone, si que nous pouvons préparer ce que vous desirez avec des temps variant de 10 à 30 jours ouvrables a partir du moment de votre approvation du project.

N'oubliez pas que nous pouvons étudier avec vous l'idée et apres nou pouvons la réaliser.





They are a recent creation of our laboratory. Such as globes, world maps are made with the laser cutting of essences  2 mm thick. The dimensions are as variable as the essences and are decided together with the customer.

The oval measuring 160 cm x 80 cm.

Te essences we generally use are basswood, mahogany, wenge, beech, cherry, chestnut, zebrawood, padauk, teak, maple. With one of the essences are made  oceans.

The world map can be finished without overlapping written but on request can be enriched with digital printing, done directly on wood or plexiglass, the names of states, capitals, seas, etc. 

More recent is the realization of the circular projection, made with the same wood, which is presented to 140 cm in diameter.  The oval measuring 160 cm x 80 cm. In the image the watery part is made of beech. Another option is the inclusion of the oval in a rectangle made ​​with a seventh essence (in this case the mahogany) in turn framed with oak.

Ecker Projection  

Measure  160 x 80 cm. Countries are realized with beech, lime, chestnut, cherry, padouk, mahogany, wenge and zebrano. Oceans are done with faggio.

inlaid world map wood

Circular projection

130 cm in diameter maximum, 123 cm in minimum diameter. Countries are done with beech, lime, chestnut, cherry, padouk, mahogany, i mari con il faggio. Sotto il medesimo planisfero con stampa digitale dei testi.

inlaid wood world map
inlaid wood world map

Azimuthal projection


Size 150 x 90 cm. This projection was adopted by the UN for its official flag. According to some it is the only projection "democratic" in tune with the real dimensions of the states. The states are made from wenge, mahogany, chestnut, paduk, beech and ebony, the seas with maple.

inlaid wood world map ONU










inlaid wood world map ONU
inlaid wood world map
inlaid wood world map ONU
inlaid wood world map
inlaid wood world map
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